vrijdag 15 maart 2013

Passing Trough

The text used for the narration of “Passing Through” is part of a speech Serbian scientist and inventor Nicola Tesla delivered in 1893 at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Though today less known than figures like Edison and Einstein, Tesla was more or less the father of much of our modern technology, since he among other things developed the foundations of the European electrical system based on alternating
currents and the principles of wireless radio communication.

At the time he was deeply influenced by the Austrian physicist and philosopher Ernst Mach, believing that the world should be conceived as a whole where everything is interconnected influencing each other. And that energy is a force that runs through everything be it inorganic matter, organisms or human consciousness. According to this line of thought every single action has universal consequences, not unlike what the father of modern chaos theory Edward Lorenz in the 1960’s termed ‘the butterfly effect’.

“Passing Through” is made at Kolding School of Design in connection to the Danish iPower-project.  To learn more about the iPower-project go to or go to.

Passing Through by Kristian Ulrich Larsen 
Shooting location: Iceland
Music: Division - Moby
Narration: Frank Stubbs
Sound editing: Yossi Karutchi
Consulting: Mette Mikkelsen, Niels Peter Skou, Barnabas Wetton, Kolding School of Design
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